A Bathroom Filled with Greenery

When one thinks of a bathroom they might not initially think of adding plants, but this can actually bring a lot of benefits into your life. Today, let's talk about turning your bathroom a bit greener with indoor plants.


Plants help to purify the home's air, release stress and ease your eyes. By putting plants in your bathroom, this will assist the air in the room circulate better and make the atmosphere less “suffocating". This can also be extremely useful for comforting your respiration in allergy season. Since the bathroom is where one goes to wash out all the dirt and stress, with a little (or a lot of) greens next to the sinks and tub, plants will boost one's mood faster and better.

From “Rodale’s Home Design Series, Baths 1987”, in courtesy of @the_80s_interior (Instagram)

From “Rodale’s Home Design Series, Baths 1987”, in courtesy of @the_80s_interior (Instagram)

Some good indoor plants for your bathroom are Aloe Vera, Chinese Evergreen, Spider Plant, Gardenia, etc. With a variety of plants' species, a homeowner can have flexibility in choosing a suitable plant in which favor the humidity temperature of one's bathroom.

From “Rodale’s Home Design Series, Baths 1987”, in courtesy of @the_80s_interior (Instagram)

From “Rodale’s Home Design Series, Baths 1987”, in courtesy of @the_80s_interior (Instagram)

The warm season is here. Plants are blooming and on sale. If you are struggling with stress and allergies, why not go to your nearby plant shop and get yourself a plant?

Greenhouse, Green Home

Nature is good, nature is great. Because it is so amazing, a lot of homeowners decide to bring a bit of green into the house. We see this a lot in interior design with indoor plants, floral prints on furniture, etc. If you are a fan of nature and have already done this but still want more, why not try out an attached greenhouse to your house?


Some people just love the greenhouse so much, they extend the use of it. In Stockholm, Sweden, Marie Granmar and Charles Sacilotto decided to not just attach their greenhouse into their home but build their home INSIDE THE GREENHOUSE! As strange as it is, this technique was also used in some homes in the 80s, though not popular.


Having an attached greenhouse not only can give you the ability to grow your own produce all year long but it also helps with heating in the winter. No matter how cold it is outside, as long as there is sunshine, your greenhouse is covered in warmth. Using the heat from the greenhouse, a lot of homeowners don't have to use their heater as much as others usually do. Hence the greenhouse is warm, during winter, relaxing in your greenhouse is like having a “mobile vacation" at your own home.

What is better than sitting in a “tropical-feel-like" environment while it’s snowing outside?


What’s New for Fall 2018: Our Top Trends

Fall is one of the best times of year for home décor – just look at that color palette! Take a break from the cliché classics and opt for a fresh take on fall home trends. Here are our top picks:

1.     Focus on Texture

The perfect way to maintain your minimalist style is to focus on contrasting textures while keeping a monochromatic color scheme. Rough and soft, smooth and fluffy – it’s time to get mixing and matching!

2.     Whimsical Shelves

With chilly fall days calling us to cozy up inside, it’s the perfect time of year to add a whimsical kitsch vibe to our shelves. Flea market knick knacks, brass heirlooms, and dainty miniatures all make cozy additions this fall.

3.     High Contrast

Just because oranges, reds, and browns are the seasonal colors does not mean you have to stick with earth tones. Go bold with a blue, black, or white-focused room, and add in a pop of burnt orange or oxblood to spice up your vibe.

4.     Lighten up

Mahogany is so last year. Overcast fall skies need something cheery, so look for light wood pieces that bring sun into your home. Footstools and coasters are the perfect small pieces to test run this trend on.

House Plants that can Beat the Heat!

Whether you’re looking for plants that can hold up while you’re on vacation or you need something to survive numerous open houses, it’s important to have house plants that can hold up to DC’s August temps! Here are our go-to picks:

Jade Plant


Indoor Money Tree


Indoor Palm Tree




Aloe Vera