Out with the Old, In with the New!

It's easy to get carefree with letting old trends lie dormant in our homes. Here's our guide to 3 quick fixes you can make to update your home instantly:

OUT: Cheap + simple furnishings

IN: Upcycled antique furniture


There is a time and place for IKEA furnishings and it’s called your early 20s. Instead, help your home stand out while also being green by buying old furniture and upcycling!


OUT: Densely decorated theme rooms

IN: Consistent color palette


You know how everyone’s mom has a powder bathroom that’s beach themed? Stop the cycle! Instead, pick a color palette and explore it in different shades and textures.


OUT: Exposed filament lighting

IN: Glam statement lighting


Thank goodness we’re finally seeing the end of this hipster farmhouse trend! Instead of Edison bulbs, opt for a chic lucite chandelier or a floor lamp with legs for days.

Fall 2017: Color Trends of the Season

Sick of cranberry and burnt orange accents? Same here. Add a touch of luxe to your home with this fall’s hottest colors of 2017. Check out our top picks below:





Velvet & Wicker

Velvet gives you the luxury and welcoming aura you crave for the fall and winter season. Mix it with the rough, natural feel of woven textures, it creates a perfect feng shui of rough & smooth textures. Check out some of our favorite wicker and velvet pieces below!