Best in Design: Peter Sallick

When it comes to bath and kitchen design, Pater Sallick and his company, Waterworks, is an easy go-to for a trustworthy and beautiful design. Waterworks is the leading high-end design brand for the bath. Peter, as CEO, blends his entrepreneurial and management success in the design industry with an investment orientation allowing for incredible success in recent years. Under Peter’s leadership, Waterworks has achieved excellence in product, design and innovation, and as set a new standard for service and overall excellence. He has been a part of the development of hundreds of original products and has established a global specialty supply chain. He has always dreamed of a highly distinguished design company and with Waterworks, he has achieved it. Although Peter Sallick is an incredibly busy man, he has been generous enough to answer a few questions that give us some insight into his success, Waterworks, and what is up ahead for them this fall.

How did you get started in the business?

Waterworks is a family business. My parents Barbara and Robert Sallick founded the company in 1978 and since the beginning Waterworks has been committed to creating incredible products that are not only visually appealing, but perform to the highest standards. I joined the company in 1993 with the vision to reestablish the company as a full-service destination for bath offerings that not only were design-driven, but also set a new standard for client service. I continue to champion product development across the multitude of categories.

What’s on the horizon for you and Waterworks?

We’re excited to be launching our Waterworks Kitchen business this year. It’s an entirely new brand that is giving our customers a fully realized kitchen portfolio. Our approach to the kitchen is the same as our approach to the bath: we provide all the items you need to fully design and customize your space.

Why are your kitchens unique? What’s special about your craft?

At Waterworks Kitchen, you’ll find everything from cabinetry offered in multiple finishes or custom Waterworks Kitchen paint colors, a full collection of hardware, a wide variety of sinks, fittings, lighting, and furnishings – ranging from serving items to kitchen towels. We’re focusing on providing customers with transitional American design, which incorporates mid-century and traditional design elements.

What are some particularly exciting upcoming kitchen trends?

We’re seeing a resurgence of color in the Kitchen space. In choosing colors for our kitchen spaces we’ve selected rich hues like blues, greys and eggplant. Color is making its way back into the kitchen and it’s not exclusive to backsplash, its floor to ceiling.

What sort of things do clients want?

Our clients want and look for excellent client service, custom-design options and a wide scale of product offerings. We work hard to give our customers an environment that feels like a design destination so they can explore numerous options, find what they need, plan their space and get professional assistance along the way.

What do you design around? What’s the mainstay of the space?

Understanding and valuing the core function of the Kitchen is really important when designing a space. At Waterworks we are constantly evaluating the form and function of our designs. One thing that became very clear to us was that the kitchen sink truly should be classified as a home appliance – after all, it is hardest working piece in the room. Within the Waterworks Kitchen line we’re offering everything from small bar sinks to 5ft. long industrial designs, multiple bowl and drain board configurations as well as double kitchen faucets and pot fillers. This is all set up to increase functionality and help prevent the natural bottleneck within the kitchen space.