Floating Between Two Infinities

The space was designed for a corporate client as an inner retreat. It could easily have been in a home or an office building.

Quiet is its essence. Baffled walls absorb all echoes of unwanted sound. Color on the walls behind the wood baffles evaporates in disappearing shades to simulate dawn and dusk, the quiet inner times of the day. The BangOlufsen console seeks soothing tonal vibes as wanted. The Odegard carpet echoes Tibetan Prayer Flags dissipating into winds as prayers into the universe. At one end lit yellow bowls of water cast infinite reflections left and right into a curving infinity drawing on memories of burning candles surrounding Bodhnath Temple in Kathmandu. At the other end a high definition screen in “real time” shows the earth turning from a dedicated NASA satellite. Time turns excruciatingly slow, yet at speeds unimagined. It is the only truth left on a TV these days! One rocks on the drifting sofa, pulled by two infinities, one real, one digital, rock on !