Tips for a Photogenic Home

Those swoon-worthy homes featured in magazines may seem out of reach, but in fact they aren’t. With some styling and attention to detail, you can play interior designer and make your own place look like it came straight from a magazine. 

Pile on the Pillows

 If your home features a bed, a sofa, or anything made to be comfortable enough to rest on, complement the spot with some decorative pillows. For larger areas like beds and couches, one pair of pillows may not be enough. Use two pairs to avoid looking skimpy. Mix it up by contrasting textures, colors, sizes, and even patterns.

Create Height

Branches and greenery make for excellent accents in a home by enhancing large spaces as well as smaller ones. Place them in simple vases throughout your household to bring dimension into each room. A simple collection of branches and greenery adds instant freshness in a more gender-neutral fashion than a bouquet of flowers would.


Open Up


An open armoire or cabinet is far more interesting than a closed one. Invite others to take a peak inside your world by keeping these spaces open. You can organize your collection of silverware or wine bottles, and put in a vase or small trunk for variety.


Decorative Trays

Candles, perfumes, and other countertop necessities that would otherwise be scattered around haphazardly look beautiful in decorative trays. These trays work especially well in bathrooms where products have a tendency to overflow.


Tea Towels

Inject personality and life into your kitchen easily with some colorful tea towels. Depending on your kitchen, go for colors and patterns that pop or more subtly enhance your space. Drape them over the side of your sink or fold them neatly onto countertops for an improved visual.


Keep Throws Neat

A warm throw is both good for the soul and the aesthetic of a home. They are great for adding color and texture to a space, while also providing a homey comfort. Just be sure to keep your throws under control. Fold them neatly, and carefully tuck them into cushions.


Leave Chairs Pulled Out

When a chair is pulled out slightly from a desk or table, it allows for the viewer to take in the shape and style of the piece. This keeps a room interesting in both photos and real life. Give it a try in your own home, just not too far out so that the chair becomes a hazard.


Skirted Furniture

Too many chair and table legs leave a space looking unpolished and unfinished. Kick cramped, nervous energy to the curb with some skirted pieces. This can make a major difference to your room by giving it a more grounded feel.


No More Lonely Corners

Leaving some space in a home is vital. However, when there are corners left with too much dead space, it can feel awkward leaving something to be desired. Soften up a lonely corner in a big space with a tall vase or a potted tree.


Spark a Fire

Lighting is everything. Install extra lights or lamps to brighten up a space and keep a home well lit. Whether you want to enliven a home or calm it, ambiance can make all the difference. Nothing makes for a more homey and cozy feel than a roaring fireplace or some romantic candles.